Workplace Health and Safety
Beacham Group are committed to providing their on hire workers with a safe work environment. Together we work with our host employers to follow our statutory obligations and provide a duty of care to our workers. Our goals and obligations are described in our Work Health and Safety policy.


Beacham Group require all contractors to complete an online safety induction prior to commencing in their role. We use WorkPro (,a web based tool to complete these. You will be requested to register to the WorkPro site and complete one or more modules, depending on your role and workplace.


The standard Beacham Group induction takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be done anywhere where you have an internet connection.


Once you have completed the WorkPro module, you will not need to complete again for 2 years. Should you commence another assignment with Beacham Group before your Workpro induction expires, you will not be required to complete. Also, if you have completed a WorkPro induction for another organisation, you can provide Beacham Group with your ID number and we can look up your certificate and you won’t need to complete that module again if it has not expired.

Reporting An Incident or Near Miss

Should you need to report an incident or near miss, please contact your Beacham Group consultant immediately on (08) 6143 5000. This includes injury, illness, risks identified, near misses or concern you may have for your safety.


A report form will also need to be completed and returned to the Beacham Group office as soon as possible. You can then view our procedure for handling these incidents.

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